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I take paypal (dwhclh@msn.com). Items can be paid for by Money Order, Cashiers Check, Personal Check (Must clear before shipment can be made), and you can use PayPal for credit cards.

1. Blade type and size/steel to be used.
2. Guard and Pommel matieral
3. Handle Material
4. If you design the knife, I will need a drawing or photo. Specs will be needed as well.

A quote will be made from this information

A 50% deposit will be needed with order, and balance when knife is ready to ship.

Of course as with any of my knives 100% satisfaction guaranteed or full refund will be made.

Hi, I’m Dan Harrison. I’ve been designing and making knives for over 60 years. For 15 years, I designed and/ or made custom series knives for such international knife companies as Alcas, Kershaw, and Browning, as well as numerous other knife companies, businesses, and foundations. During this time, I obtained several patents in mechanical design and had the honor of winning two international awards for knife design and the “1986 American Made Knife of the Year”. As an added honor, I was chosen to represent Texas knife makers at the Texas Folk Life Festival for three years in a row.

I am not limited to design or size as I free-hand grind my blades from raw stock. D-2 tool steel (shear blade & punch press die steel) is my choice for hard working blades . I believe it has no equal for strength and toughness. The beauty and unique patterns of Damascus steel is my favorite for collector’s pieces. I heat treat every blade , using a 12 hour process.

I enjoy talking with customers to discuss the selection of materials, design and specifications, as well as just to keep in touch. Harrison Custom knives can be found in the collections of celebrities, movie makers, world leaders, and my loyal customers. GUARANTEE: You must be completely pleased or receive a full refund.

Today, he has a shop in Ben Wheeler, Texas, where he enjoys making his unique creations (which he sells or shows with equal enthusiasm) and teaching students his technique of free-hand grinding. HARRISON CUSTOM KNIVES

Hours: 10AM-4PM Wednesday -Sunday. (Call to be sure) 903-714-5911.

We all need means for protecting ourselves or we’re in search of items to add to a collection. Your collection can consist of things from products made from paper, making the products or things that you purchase from an outside source. Here at Harrison Custom Knives, we carry the finest in custom knives. Our knives are one of a kind pieces that are designed with the most intricate details and also have the sharpest edges.

We provide handmade knives to our customers, which is a rare art that you’ll find. Many of these collector knives are an original, which means they’ve never been duplicated. We carry many custom specialty knives such as bowie knives, tactical knives and even handmade daggers. For more than 50 years, our knives have been completely free-handed ground from raw stock and without the use of automatic knife grinding machines, which makes Harrison Custom Knives truly unique.

We’ve had the pleasure of designing and creating knives for well-known names and companies such as Ka-bar, Kershaw and Browning. The steel used depends on the use of the knife. If you’re using the knife for hard-working means then we use stronger steel and if it’s used as a collection piece, then we use a softer and more decorative type of steel. Either way, each knife we design and create is a true piece of art. In addition to customizing specialty knives, we also make sheaths for the best protection. Our sheaths are made from the strongest and most durable leather so that your safety is always a guarantee when your knife is in its sheath.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you’ll find Harrison Custom Knives as a useful tool when it comes to looking for custom specialty knives. We hand craft all of our knives and put many hours into perfecting each and every one. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and this is shown within our custom knives. We carry everything from bowie knives to tactical knives and even handmade daggers. You’ll find that our knives are affordable and made from the best materials. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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